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OTS Queen Rearing
2016 Expanded Edition

OTS Queen Rearing: A Survival Guide for Beekeepers Worldwide
2016 Expanded Edition

by Mel Disselkoen
Copyright 2016
Publisher: International Mating Nuc, Inc.

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About the book:

The expanded edition of OTS Queen Rearing includes several new chapters that have been requested with explanations on how I do these procedures. The book is priced so that three mated queens or just one saved hive will more than pay for the book which makes it cost effective. If you are buying bees for $100 or more then invest the price of the book to learn how to keep them alive. The book is based on the miticide-free beekeeping method that I have been using successfully to overcome mites for over 25 years.

Wholesale Bookstore and Bee Club orders contact Mel directly: mdasplitter@sbcglobal.net

Melvin Disselkoen (EAS- Eastern Apicultural Society) Master Beekeeper

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"The art of beekeeping does not require full-strength hives at all times of the year, only during your surplus honey flows..." -Mel Disselkoen

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