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I designed the MDA Splitter and introduced it to the public in 1979 so that beekeepers could pick up nucs without the need to return equipment. Today, the MDA Splitter is still used primarily for nuc transport but also has come to serve as a light-weight and convenient piece of equipment for other purposes such as transporting honey frames, isolating queens and brood, or carrying drawn comb and foundation out to the apiary.

The MDA Splitter is available in either plain cardboard or waxed cardboard.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can the plain Splitter hold up in rain?
The Splitter was designed to make splits and then transfer them into permanent hives. The structure of the Splitter is designed so that all the weight of the combs is transferred to the bottom of the box. There is no stress on the outside structure. The Splitter was not designed to get wet, but if it does get wet, it will dry out almost to the original shape.

Can the plain Splitter be treated?
Yes, it can be rolled with a paint or wood preservative.

How long do they last?
If used as designed, beekeepers have used them for over 10 years.

How can I keep the cover secure?
You can tape the plain Splitter or use an 8 inch rubber band.

Can I tape the waxed Splitter?
No, tape will not stick to the wax.

How durable is the waxed Splitter?
The waxed Splitter, except for the inner cover and frame inserts, is dipped in wax inside and out. The wax runs down the flues which makes it extremely waterproof.

What is the biggest problem?
Transporting the Splitter when the split is too strong. Too many bees causes heat and congestion. That is why ventilation is built into the Splitter.

Cardboard Nuc Box
Plain: Email Mel to place an order

Simpson's Bee Supply
Dansville, OH
(740) 599-7914

Wax Cardboard Nuc Box
Waxed: Email Mel to place an order

Miller Bee Supply
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
(336) 670-2249

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"The art of beekeeping does not require full-strength hives at all times of the year, only during your surplus honey flows..." -Mel Disselkoen

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